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Little Doctors - Our mission

Our mission is to nurture a disease-free future generation through promoting preventative healthcare education and awareness from a young age. Through our summer camps, we aim to instill passion for medicine and STEM as well as empower our students to serve as activists in their own community. Join us in this mission by signing up to be a parent or student volunteer, or registering to be a part of our upcoming 2022 summer camp.

About Me

My name is Lahari Pokala and I am a junior in highschool at the Early College at Guilford. After witnessing an alarming rise in chronic disease rates all across the world, I was inspired to create Little Doctors as a way to promote healthy living and educate young students on how to prevent these diseases in their own lives. I believe that prevention is the best route to truly making a difference, and I hope to do so, one student at a time.