Here is what some of our little doctors are saying.

Helping others has always been a passion of mine. Through Little Doctors, we get to raise awareness on various health issues such as cardiovascular disease. Educating others on these issues could potentially save lives which is why I enjoy being a little doctor.

- Indu

I love lil doctors because first of all it was really fun learning about different types of diseases and meeting a lot of new people. We played games and watched videos and raised awareness about CVD. It was really fun and this is why I love Lil doctors.

- Neha

One of my passions is to learn about medical problems a lot of people struggle with. I like to learn about it because I can spread the knowledge to others. The “Little Doctors” program teaches this in an easy, entertaining way. By learning this, we can transmit
knowledge, which can save lives.

- Harshini

I love to learn about the brain and the heart and the little doctors program helped me understand complex things in a simple and effective way.

- Sushil

Learning new things is my passion. Little Doctors is a class I love because you can learn a lot of things about the body. The body is amazing and a little hard to learn about, but also fun.

- Jahnav

My Passion is to Learn And Teach others how to be a safe, and healthy, Person. My Goal is to become someone who knows a lot about the body and little doctors have helped me accomplish this.

- Murari

I am passionate about learning all about the human body and its functions because of its complex body systems.

- Vaishnav